NWEA MAP Import and Export from PowerSchool

This post was shamelessly stolen from PSUG-Asia and is posted here only in case the referenced post disappears. [note to Paul: search your Google Drive for “NWEA MAP Rosters Directions” for a helpful spreadsheet]

This content is from Douglas Sirkka, Educational Technology Coordinator and PowerSchool Administrator from St. Mary’s International School.

You can download the PowerSchool Export Template File Here: MAPExportMap

Or Copy the code below and make your own:


School Name ^(decode;^([schools]name);<<your school names here>>
Instructor Last Name [teachers]last_name
Instructor Middle Initial
Student First Name [students]first_name
Student Gender [students]gender
Previous Instructor ID
Period (Delete)
Expression Instructor ID [teachers]teachernumber
Instructor First Name [teachers]first_name
User Name [teachers]Email_addr
Email Address [teachers]Email_addr
Class Name [courses]course_name
Student ID [students]student_number
Student Date Of Birth [students]DOB
Student Grade [students]grade_level
Student Ethnic
Group Name
Student Last Name [students]last_name
Previous Student ID
Student Middle Initial
*Where it says ‘Bus_Stop’ that’s where I needed a blank in the file. With the TSV file above you can sort by SEQ field.

MAP Testing CRF Import In PowerSchool

  1. select the students who you need to create/update on NWEA.
    1. This will usually be the entire ES, the entire MS, or grades 9 and 10.
  2. In Group Functions, select Export Using a Template Type of Export: Student Schedules
  3. Export template: MapsCourseInforExport
    1. Select Only schedules for the selected… and Submit.
  4. Save the resulting export file and then open.
  5. Filter and select courses you want to associate with student profiles.
  6. Delete Period/Expression column at the end of the file. (this is for sorting/filtering purposes)
  7. Save as CSV (required)
  8. Login to NWEA Select Import Profiles
  9. Select Start New Import Select Combined
  10. Select the appropriate term.
  11. Add the Roster File.
  12. Click Next Check the data (Check student DOB this sometimes gets changed to a number) Reconcile Errors (Beyond scope of theses instructions but pretty straight forward)
  13. I think there is an error in the Export Template the needs a capital S in Not Specified… RP (Grade_Level 0) needs to be reconciled with K.
  14. Post the valid records.

Hope this makes your job a little easier.

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