Assign Students to Teams in PowerSchool

  1. From the main PowerSchool page, select desired students
  2. In the left menu, click “PowerScheduler”
  3. Near the bottom of the left menu, select “Functions”
  4. Near the bottom of the list, select “Update selection”
  5. Verify that the Current Table is the Students table and the “Current Records in Selection” matches the desired number of students
  6. Do not change anything else on this page
  7. To the right of “Current Records…”, select “Modify Records”
  8. Verify that the “Current Table” is Students and the number of students in your selection is correct
  9. In the dropdown, select “Sched_NextYearTeam”
  10. Verify that you’ve selected “Sched_NextYearTeam” and not something similar. You will be making changes directly to the database
  11. Enter the Team Number (like 2933) not the Team Name in the entry box
    • NOTE: you can see the team numbers corresponding to team names by clicking on Teams under Scheduling Setup in the left menu
  12. Verify that you’ve entered the correct team number, selected Sched_NextYearTeam and your selected records number looks correct
  13. Repeat step #12
  14. Click the blue “Modify Selected Records”

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