Enable PowerTeacher Pro for individual sections

Using DDA with the Sections table, filter the course and sections you want to change – making sure you select the current year┬áso that you do not convert previous years’ gradebooks. In DDA, Click “Modify Records”. In the drop-down menu, choose “Gradebook Type”=2 to change all the selected sections to the new PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook.

For future reference, to enable PTP for all courses, from PowerSource:
Enable PowerTeacher Pro: PowerTeacher Pro is enabled at a section level by setting the gradebook type. You can set this individually by section or en-masse using DDA or Quick Import. You can also set the default gradebook type of newly created sections to PowerTeacher Pro in PowerSchool from the District > PowerTeacher Pro Settings > Default Gradebook Type page . Setting a section to PowerTeacher Pro will cause it to become read-only in PowerTeacher Gradebook.